Written by and from the perspective of Mr. Leonard, the Troop Scoutmaster

Today was the first day of real program.  Merit Badge class began and the scouts became fully engaged in summer camp.  It was a long day that started with a delay at breakfast that caused some concern but we made it through; it appears the early shift did not understand that our breakfast was dependent on them getting done timely.  The Camp Director has been responsive and we are making the best of it.  We did lunch at camp, then went onto open program where most of the continued working on merit badges.  After dinner was an easy night in our campsite where the scouts continued to play some games (while a fire was burning that some enjoyed).  I was (pleasantly) surprised that a lot of our scouts were lined up to take a shower.  Some did personal fitness while other just hung out.  Good start to camp.

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As the week comes to an end, we should look back on all the memories we made this week.

We all overcame challenges while earning merit badges. We came home with over 350 completed, and many more well on there way.

Packing was the fastest we have done in many years; we left much earlier than normal.

Did I forget to mention? After a suspenseful week, we won the Wentathalon.


Today, we played the catch up game with Merit Badges. We crushed a large number of the partials (turning then into full merit badges). Some scouts enjoyed camp wide games (sports) while some stuck around to play croquet in camp.
Mountain biking was a popular event today; we also had the rifle range to ourselves this evening.
The results of the Wentatalon will be posted tomorrow.
We had pancakes for breakfast, pizza (school style) for lunch, and Spaghetti for dinner. The campfire was an excellent way to both compliment and end such a fun and educational week.

It rained.
However, it was mostly gone when we awoke.
Today was the last day of Merit Badge classes; tomorrow will be catch up day. We had eggs and muffins for lunch (McWente Breakfast Sandwiches). For lunch, we had fish sandwiches. For dinner, we had burgers (not served with Cheese).
Troop 32 did flags this evening; our flag crew did an outstanding job.
We hope to have an exciting day tommorow; today certainly was.

Today, we had a peaceful day of merit badges. We had waffles for breakfast, corn dogs for lunch, and turkey for dinner. The wind continued, and we had our first round of care packages. We had the Wentathalon, (a Great Race around camp) which had an excitingly close end (we don’t know who won – see back on Friday). At the end of today, we felt a slight sprinkle, but it will hopefully not rain.

Today, we awoke to a calm morning. After a flag ceremony, we had eggs, sausage, and hash browns for breakfast. Merit Badges were educational and mostly uneventful. Lunch consisted of chicken nuggets (McWente nuggets) and tater tots. The afternoon was quick and cool (comparatively). A vast majority of the troop spent the afternoon at O’Riley’s outpost, where we threw tomahawks, shot black power rifles, and had some of the best food in camp (a beef soup). The rest of the troop had Cheese Fettuccine for dinner. Scouts in the OA enjoyed an excellent meeting after all the events today. Finally, the scouts settled down for a quick game before going to bed.

Also worth noting is the wind; it was incredibly windy today.


Sorry for the brief downtime; the issues have been resolved by now.

Today, we awoke to a brisk morning. After a brief breakfast (French Toast), we set out for fun and educational day of learning important scout skills. While this was going on, a few scouts volunteered to make a concrete platform (our service project) to host a new wash station (to be installed later).


Lunch (consisting of Sandwiches) was swift and punctual. Afterwards, we returned to our merit badges to finish the day’s work). Dinner (meatloaf) was tasty and better than previous years. We then returned to camp for a fun night of games.


Today was a fun day. Tomorrow can only be better!

Today, we arrived at Wente after a hour and a half drive. After arrival, we unloaded the trailer in record time (less than 20 minutes). A quick tour and swim check later (the water wasn’t that cold) and it was already dinner time. After a nice “fiesta” style dinner, we retired to our camp only to be pulled back by a screeching alarm. When the emergency drill had ended, we were guided along the dusty road to a “campfire” (due to conditions, campfires were not allowed; they improvised). Finally, we headed back to camp to sleep for the night. We had an excellent first day.

While we are at camp, a daily post will be made each day describing the days activities and anything worth telling. 

On our most recent trip to Cache Creek, the the troop expected rain.

While we don’t cancel due to rain, we lucked out, and it was sunny the entire time.

It was 5 miles one way – the hike in was mostly downhill, so the hike out was a very fun 5 miles uphill.

As usual, if you didn’t go, you may find pictures on the shutterfly.


Recently, our scouts took a trip to hike Mt. Diablo.

The trip was several miles along with quite the elevation gain (though the view at the top was excellent).

For those whom didn’t go, as allways, you may view pictures on the shutterfly.