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Spring Break of 2016; a time many are busy spending with family and friends. Troop 32, being no exception to this rule, set out for the Grand Canyon. Setting out, the first day’s drive ended at Calico, a ghost town in southern California (where we camped for the night). After the two day drive down (the true test of endurance for the outing) the scouts and adults separated into teams. Blue team camped on the rim and went on day hikes (constantly going in and out of the Canyon) while red, green, and gold teams headed into the canyon to camp and hike for the week. After hiking up the more than 3500 foot canyon rim at the end of their week, each team came back together to share stories and head home.

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Camp Tamarancho an outing full of fun and challenge for all involved. Those that went backpacking hiked up a rather steep hill only to come back down it. After we went hiking we went to the falls and got to see really clear water. Following this, we went hiking back up the hill back to camp for a total of 10 miles or more. This hike really got us prepared for Grand Canyon at the end of this week.

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The 2016 game night was a success. We started it off, once again, at North Valley School for a night full of fun and entertainment. Fall in was at about 6:15 when we learned about the rules, and what activities would be available. We then jumped right into the fun by hitting the gym. Shooting hoops, playing catch, kicking dodge around were some of the beginning activities. Our first organized game was an awesome game of dodgeball. After the deadly game of dodgeball we split up again and did what we wanted to. Around 8:30 the pizza arrived and we devoured it. With full stomachs we hit the gym again. Throughout the evening we had game tables were great Stratego and Magic the Gathering battles rage across the tables. Later on during the evening we had some epic floor hockey and thunder games going on. We also had some smaller dodgeball games. At 12:00 we called it a night and started to clean up and get ready for bed. At one the lights were off and tired scouts were falling asleep. After a good night sleep we awoke to doughnuts and juice. We then bid farewell to each other and closed another annual game night event.

Written by and from the perspective of Mr. Leonard, the Troop Scoutmaster

It was another great day for program at Chawanakee.  Food has remained our main issue and most of that is the quantity and not quality.  Program seems to be going well.  The adult leaders represented T32 again by winning Bocci Ball.  Thursday is the Chawanakee Open and Mr. Freese and Mr. Burgess will play for T32.  We had our Troop Campfire and did our traditional Camp Woggle.  Another great Troop 32 day!

Photos can be found on Facebook (even if you don’t have an account).

Written by and from the perspective of Mr. Leonard, the Troop Scoutmaster

Everything went smoother today.  We celebrated Donavan’s 11th birthday and the entire camp sang “Happy Birthday” to him – what a great way to spend your birthday!  The dinning hall was told to increase the food portions which helped with filling up the hungry boys!  The ASMs beat the staff and other troop leaders in a fun game of Horse Shoes!  Thanks Mr. Burgess and Mr. McAllister for representing T32 in great fashion and sportsmanship – wish them luck with Bocci Ball Wednesday!  Chawankee has Taco Tuesday and they lived up to the name: Choco Tacos in the Trading Post and Tacos for Dinner.  After Dinner the entire troop attended the Campwide Scouts Own (Chapel Service) as a scout is reverent.  Not all troop attended but T32 was in full force.  The rest of the evening was spent in camp with fun and games.  The scouts are doing great – so happy to see the progress they are making.


Photos can be found on Facebook (even if you don’t have an account).

Written by and from the perspective of Mr. Leonard, the Troop Scoutmaster

Today was the first day of real program.  Merit Badge class began and the scouts became fully engaged in summer camp.  It was a long day that started with a delay at breakfast that caused some concern but we made it through; it appears the early shift did not understand that our breakfast was dependent on them getting done timely.  The Camp Director has been responsive and we are making the best of it.  We did lunch at camp, then went onto open program where most of the continued working on merit badges.  After dinner was an easy night in our campsite where the scouts continued to play some games (while a fire was burning that some enjoyed).  I was (pleasantly) surprised that a lot of our scouts were lined up to take a shower.  Some did personal fitness while other just hung out.  Good start to camp.

IMG_3121    IMG_3129    IMG_3134   IMG_3143    IMG_3137    IMG_3151


Written by and from the perspective of Mr. Leonard, the Troop Scoutmaster

We enjoyed a leisurely morning with a breakfast of Bagels and oatmeal after what we planned as a late wake up.  Unfortunately our neighbors thought is was a good idea to sing (if you can call it that) very loudly, very early to wake up their scouts.  We then prepared the camp and waited for our tour of camp and check in.  All went well and most of our scouts did the swim test and were designated Swimmer or beginner.  We later went off to dinner and Campfire. Our first meal was not without issue but we were told we are the largest week so far and they were working out the details.  Campfire was entertaining with original skits that helped welcome us to camp.  Our scouts are doing well and camp is moving in the right direction.  Every night I walk to every tent to say goodnight- it is a really nice way to end my day and very special on Fathers Day.

IMG_3100    IMG_3106     IMG_3113    IMG_3117     IMG_3118

The bus ride was a journey to remember! The bus company switched buses at the last minute due to a mechanical issue on our original bus.  Unfortunately, that meant we had two buses but equipment storage under only one.  Have no fear; Troop 32 made it work!  With only a short lunch stop we made it in 6 hours.  We arrived at Camp Chawanakee and set up camp.  While most of the troop set up, Mrs. Brooks, Daniel L., and Max M. made a nice pasta and meatball dinner (it may not have been Mary’s but it hit the spot).  With just some touch ups to the campsite left for Sunday we had a relaxing night in camp.


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On October 20th, out troop hosted our annual open house.

Booths were open for Knife and Axe (most manly!), First Aid, Cooking, STEM, Knots, Map and Compass, and High Adventure.

It was an incredible event, which ended with a magnificent campfire.

You can see pictures from the event here.


As the week comes to an end, we should look back on all the memories we made this week.

We all overcame challenges while earning merit badges. We came home with over 350 completed, and many more well on there way.

Packing was the fastest we have done in many years; we left much earlier than normal.

Did I forget to mention? After a suspenseful week, we won the Wentathalon.