About Troop 32

Troop 32 works to adhere to the Scout program and principles. We focus the Scouts on learning and demonstrating responsibility, character and leadership, all mixed in with a good dose of fun. Our Troop is a boy-run Troop, which gives the Scouts ample opportunity to learn and develop their leadership skills. We encourage the scouts to be caring and respectful, and to return a portion of what they’ve learned here back to our community through service projects and by helping their fellow Scouts.

We understand that Scouts and their families lead very busy lives. But we ask that you make Scouting a priority. We believe that the opportunities in Scouting to do and learn and grow make it worth the return on investment. Scouting is about giving our boys an opportunity to grow and be challenged, both mentally and physically. It builds a foundation for a lifetime. The more a boy participates in Scouting, the more he will get out of it.

Our Troop program is designed to assist each new Scout who participates and puts in the appropriate effort to earn the rank of First Class Scout within his first year in the program. Through continued participation in weekly Troop meetings, monthly outings, Scout activities, and service projects, each Scout will continue to progress through the ranks of Scouting. Troop 32 has always had a much higher than average percentage of Scouts who attain Eagle and we want each boy to have attaining the rank of Eagle Scout their goal in Scouting.

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