Wente: Day 3 in review

Today, we awoke to a calm morning. After a flag ceremony, we had eggs, sausage, and hash browns for breakfast. Merit Badges were educational and mostly uneventful. Lunch consisted of chicken nuggets (McWente nuggets) and tater tots. The afternoon was quick and cool (comparatively). A vast majority of the troop spent the afternoon at O’Riley’s outpost, where we threw tomahawks, shot black power rifles, and had some of the best food in camp (a beef soup). The rest of the troop had Cheese Fettuccine¬†for dinner. Scouts in the OA enjoyed an excellent meeting after all the events today. Finally, the scouts settled down for a quick game before going to bed.

Also worth noting is the wind; it was incredibly windy today.


Sorry for the brief downtime; the issues have been resolved by now.

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