Grand Canyon 2016

Main article written by Jacob S.; addition(s) added and credited as received.

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Spring Break of 2016; a time many are busy spending with family and friends. Troop 32, being no exception to this rule, set out for the Grand Canyon. Setting out, the first day’s drive ended at Calico, a ghost town in southern California (where we camped for the night). After the two day drive down (the true test of endurance for the outing) the scouts and adults separated into teams. Blue team camped on the rim and went on day hikes (constantly going in and out of the Canyon) while red, green, and gold teams headed into the canyon to camp and hike for the week. After hiking up the more than 3500 foot canyon rim at the end of their week, each team came back together to share stories and head home.

If you have pictures from the outing, please visit the Photo Archive for a link to the album from Grand Canyon (where you can upload your pictures). Feel free to upload as many as you like – some of your photos may be featured here! After a period of time, the photos from the album will be downloaded then reuploaded to the shutterfly.

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