Scouting at Home

Find tons of helpful ideas on how to Scout-On while sheltering in place!

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Scout Meetings Using ZOOM

In the “Shelter In Place” environment, it is a bit tricky to have “normalcy” in our weekly lives, however, in an effort to help…

a) give Troop 32 families an opportunity to stay in touch

b) to continue the efforts to help your Scouts advance

We will continue to hold meetings VIRTUALLY by utilizing the ZOOM app on smart devices or through the ZOOM website on any home computer until we are allowed to resume in-person meetings.  

Below is the link for our next troop meeting.  You can access the meeting either on a computer’s web browser, smart device app, or by phoning in.  Although there may be some “bumps” initially as we get used to this, we will make every effort to help as many as possible have a great experience.  

Visit this link for details on how to join the next meeting