by Catrina Dierke Testing equipment for our Open House at Santa Rosa Bible Church!

by Catrina Dierke Leadership training with our Senior Patrol Leader & Patrol Leader Council!

by Ray Leonard Join us in congratulating Marcus G. and Daniel L. on becoming Eagle Scouts. Once and Eagle – Always an Eagle! Eagle Bound!!

by Paul Alexander It was hot! A dry heat that allowed the actual temperature to be much hotter than it felt. It was a very dry one oh five in the sun. The Crew rested, packs off, in the shade of a few oak trees lined up along the side of the fire road, Read More

Main article written by Jacob S.; addition(s) added and credited as received. Have something you would like to add (photos, stories, etc.)? E-mail [email protected] and let us know. Additions are always welcome! Spring Break of 2016; a time many are busy spending with family and friends. Troop 32, being no exception to this rule, set out for, Read More

Written by Landon M.; edited by Jacob S. Camp Tamarancho an outing full of fun and challenge for all involved. Those that went backpacking hiked up a rather steep hill only to come back down it. After we went hiking we went to the falls and got to see really clear water. Following this,, Read More

Written by Andrew Ramos. No edits were performed. The 2016 game night was a success. We started it off, once again, at North Valley School for a night full of fun and entertainment. Fall in was at about 6:15 when we learned about the rules, and what activities would be available. We then jumped, Read More

Written by Landon M., Troop Historian Troop 32 recently had the privilege of receiving a speech on Veterans’ Day by one of our own resident veteran, Mr. Daggett.  The revered scoutmaster was joined by his wife, Mrs. Daggett, one of the many women to become active in military service in the last few years. , Read More

Written by and from the perspective of Mr. Leonard, the Troop Scoutmaster Everything went smoother today.  We celebrated Donavan’s 11th birthday and the entire camp sang “Happy Birthday” to him – what a great way to spend your birthday!  The dinning hall was told to increase the food portions which helped with filling up, Read More