Game Night 2016

Written by Andrew Ramos. No edits were performed.

The 2016 game night was a success. We started it off, once again, at North Valley School for a night full of fun and entertainment. Fall in was at about 6:15 when we learned about the rules, and what activities would be available. We then jumped right into the fun by hitting the gym. Shooting hoops, playing catch, kicking dodge around were some of the beginning activities. Our first organized game was an awesome game of dodgeball. After the deadly game of dodgeball we split up again and did what we wanted to. Around 8:30 the pizza arrived and we devoured it. With full stomachs we hit the gym again. Throughout the evening we had game tables were great Stratego and Magic the Gathering battles rage across the tables. Later on during the evening we had some epic floor hockey and thunder games going on. We also had some smaller dodgeball games. At 12:00 we called it a night and started to clean up and get ready for bed. At one the lights were off and tired scouts were falling asleep. After a good night sleep we awoke to doughnuts and juice. We then bid farewell to each other and closed another annual game night event.

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