Guest Speaker: Mr. Daggett

Written by Landon M., Troop Historian

Troop 32 recently had the privilege of receiving a speech on Veterans’ Day by one of our own resident veteran, Mr. Daggett.  The revered scoutmaster was joined by his wife, Mrs. Daggett, one of the many women to become active in military service in the last few years.  Mr. Daggett began by saying that every day should be Veterans’ Day, a valid point considering that 2.3 million people currently serving in the military services.  Veterans’ Day, as was explained in the speech, was originally created in celebration of the cease-fire in World War One.  This is how it came to be honored on November eleventh.  Veterans’ Day should not be confused with Memorial Day, which is specifically designated to honor those who have died in service.  Veterans’ Day, however, honors everyone.  A veteran is anyone who has served in any branch of military with an honorable discharge.  That includes the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard, and the Air Force.  Our own Mr. Daggett served as an infantryman and an airman.

One may think that Veterans’ Day is not important, as we are currently in peacetime.  However, lack of army could cause major problems if someone attacks, and lack of war does not affect the courage of veterans.  And one may also believe that knowledge of the military and its customs are also irrelevant.  After all, a military life may not be for everyone!  This being said, scouting has always been entwined with the army, going so far as to have immediate promotions given to Eagle scouts.  In the words of Mr. Daggett,

“Everybody should serve if it fits, it will make you a better citizen.”

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