Chawanakee Day 4: Taco Tuesday!

Written by and from the perspective of Mr. Leonard, the Troop Scoutmaster

Everything went smoother today.  We celebrated Donavan’s 11th birthday and the entire camp sang “Happy Birthday” to him – what a great way to spend your birthday!  The dinning hall was told to increase the food portions which helped with filling up the hungry boys!  The ASMs beat the staff and other troop leaders in a fun game of Horse Shoes!  Thanks Mr. Burgess and Mr. McAllister for representing T32 in great fashion and sportsmanship – wish them luck with Bocci Ball Wednesday!  Chawankee has Taco Tuesday and they lived up to the name: Choco Tacos in the Trading Post and Tacos for Dinner.  After Dinner the entire troop attended the Campwide Scouts Own (Chapel Service) as a scout is reverent.  Not all troop attended but T32 was in full force.  The rest of the evening was spent in camp with fun and games.  The scouts are doing great – so happy to see the progress they are making.


Photos can be found on Facebook (even if you don’t have an account).

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